Granata Music
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Granata Music is a great one-stop-shop music store in Ottawa, ON. They needed to update their old logo to improve the companies image. The store has been established since 1984 and is family-owned.
Project Objective
The goal was to re-brand the company to be more modern and representative of the spirit of their company. I also wanted them to compete with the other stores and stand out in the industry. They offer a range of professional services and have great customer service. They want to target all demographics by using the tagline “from Bach to rock”. So as a one-stop-shop, a universal, bold design reminiscent of their personality was the ultimate goal.
The Granata Music logo with a logo grid.
The first step was to do ample amounts of research. After compiling this information, I move on to brainstorming and sketching. Once I have worked through some ideas and have a solid direction, I start to refine the sketches and build upon them. After getting approval of the design direction, I bring the design into Illustrator to play with aspects of the design. At this point, the design of the logo is finished and I start to add colour and choose a font.
Old vs. New
The colours and font I chose are reminiscent of the old logo, with a bold typeface and purple as the dominant colour. The design took this direction because it is a universal symbol recognizable by everyone as a music store. It is both bold with thick lines and elegant with thinner lines to emulate their slogan “from Bach to rock.”
Granata Music branding guide pages laid out in rows.
The Final Designs
Unfortunately, the client dropped communication partway through the process and picked up a new logo somewhere along the way, so I wasn’t able to implement these designs into their business model. I still went through the process with my art director as this was still a student project.
A layout featuring the Granata Music logo in various sizes and colours.
The Granata Music logo.