The Art of Wellbeing
Print | Motion | Branding
This project involved creating an event from scratch and branding it. This included a poster for print, a save-the-date emailer, a feather banner, and vertical and horizontal web banners. Wellbeing is a word that encompasses mental and physical health, overall inner peace and happiness. I believe everyone should explore personal wellbeing to become happier, more complete humans. This is why I chose this event to brand.
Project Objective
The purpose of the event is to spread awareness and appeal to a large demographic. My initial ideas, however, did not turn out the way I planned. My idea was to keep the layout and graphics simple, as wellbeing is about un-cluttering your life. In the end, my original concept turned out a little more medical looking, and a little flat overall. So I decided to re-brand it.
Event poster for a wellbeing event, white and teal colour palette, simple layout and imagery.
It started with research and brainstorming from scratch again. I wanted to take the design in a new direction, so I had to start from the beginning. All of my old assets that I had from the old project were no longer usable, although I did try to implement them in some way first. This time around I decided to focus more on Buddhism’s connection to wellbeing, as well as cleaning up the layout even more. I also wanted to add more colours to attract viewers and create interesting contrast. This will help the event stand out amongst the rest.
The Final Design
One quote I focused on while designing is “find your center”. I decided to align everything to the center of the page while aligning the text center-left for readability and interesting visual harmony. The colour palette is inspired by Buddhism culture, such as the monk's robes. The layout only has two places for the eye to look, so you are drawn to the graphic and then immediately go to the text. This creates a simple and clean feeling layout. The font used is clean and easy to read with a large variety of weights for great contrast options.
Motion Design
On top of re-branding this project, I also created additional assets in the form of an Instagram sized promotional post and a motion graphics promotional video. I am much happier with the final designs and outcome of the project. I started with storyboards, and then I redesigned the original graphic in Adobe Illustrator to have straight edges to work well with the extrude feature in Adobe After Effects. I then animated my designs as a promotional video to be shared on social media platforms for the event.
A storyboard featuring 6 panels describing the animation sequence. A sitting monk graphic spinning while revealing text is the concept.
Final Video
Social Media Integration