The Mists of Morne
Book Cover | Typesetting
Justin B. Hodder is a writer and friend of mine from Newfoundland and Labrador. For his first published novel he needed to establish the mood and tone of the first book in a series he plans to write. Justin hired me to create the book cover, the layout, and format the text.
Project Objective​​​​​​​
The objective was to establish the first book in the series, build and provide proper files for suppliers, and create a visually appealing book cover to attract readers.
The project started with speaking with the client to discuss his needs. By opening a clear line of communication and establishing the needs, timeline, and deliverables, we were able to come to a mutual understanding and manage expectations. The client gave me some sketches as a reference. After this stage, I started researching possible images to use that could bring his idea to life. Once I found suitable images, I got to work in photoshop. I made sure to adjust the lens correction and set up the file properly to avoid problems in the future when placing in Indesign.
Photoshop file for the book cover.
Photoshop file for the back cover.
Indesign file for the book cover.
The Final Design
The font used for the cover and the chapter headings creates an old, mysterious feeling, which matches the story. I contrasted this font with a sans-serif to add a touch of elegance. The colours of gold and teal represent the scenery and objects of the story, and also add to the mystery element.